De Windt Warns Stamp Club of Danger in Specialization

Shows Members Collection of Airmail Stamps Valued at $1800

Warning the first year philatelists against over-specialization as a sure poison to their organization, Heyliger de Windt '12 of the Boylston Stamp Company addressed the members of the Stamp Club in their final meeting of the year in the Union last Wednesday night.

"The meetings must be varied to suit each member's individual tastes, and every collector, however small his collection, must be given equal prominence in its activities," he said.

Windt brought to the meeting some valuable stamp collections, which he showed to the members. The most outstanding of these was the airmail collection, formerly in the possession of York, Yale Hockey Coach, and valued at more than $1,800. It is the most complete one of its kind in the country, and, as it is soon going to be dismantled, it is improbable that such a collection will ever again he assembled.

The Club will reorganize next year to promote philately among undergraduates.