Is Literary Editor of Advocate, Class Odist, and Commencement Orator for This Year

George Lee Haskins '35, of Cambridge, has been chosen winner of this year's Phi Beta Kappa prize essay contest as the result of a thesis entitled "The Statute of York and the Interest of the Commons," it was announced last night.

In accordance with the custom inaugurated last year, 500 copies of the essay will be printed in book form next September and put on sale at the Coop. The purpose of the publication is to serve as a reward for distinctive originality of thought and to bring before the attention of the outside world achievements of undergraduates in college.

In addition to holding the posts of literary editor of the Advocate, and president of the Classical Club, Haskins, a former president of the Critic, has been elected Class Odist and Commencement Orator for this year. Last March he was awarded a Henry Fellowship for study at Oxford next year.

During his undergraduate career Haskins concentrated in Medieval History. The essay was written under the direction of Charles H. McIlwain, Eaton Professor of the Science of Government, and has received a summa rating from the Department of History.

The Faculty committee in charge of awarding the honor included Mason Hammond '25; Benjamin F. Jones, instructor in Biochemical Sciences; and William K. Chandler, instructor in English.