Williams Loses to Varsity Golfers at New Haven, 7-2

Jayvees Defeat Governor Dummer at Stoneham, 7-2

Dropping only two matches, the Varsity golfers trimmed Williams 7-2 at New Haven yesterday.

The Jayvee squad had an equally easy time with Governor Dummer Academy, beating them also 7-2, at the Unicorn Country Club in Stoneham.

The Varsity summary:

Twosomes--Lynford Lardner, Jr. 37(H) defeated Berry (W), 1 up; Mansfield Brannigan '36 (H) defeated Schwab (W) 3 and 1; Robert C. Hunter, Jr. '36 (H) defeated Porter (W) 3 and 2; William E. Sibley, III, '35 (II) defeated Dodge (W) 3 and 2; Swan (W) defeated George E. Enos '37 (H) 1 up; Charles S. Bellows '37 (H) defeated Huston (W) 5 and 4.

Foursomes--Berry and Schwab (W) defeated Lardner and Brannigan (H) 1 up; Hunter and Sibley (H) defeated Por- ter and Dodge (W), 2 and 1; Enos and Bellows (H) defeated Swan and Huston (W) 3 and 2.

The Jayvee summary:

Twosomes--Carpenter (GD) defeated Roger G. Rand '35 (H), 2 and 1; Francis S. North '36 (H) defeated J. Williamson (GD) 4 and 2; David G. Barrett '35 (H) defeated W. Williamson (GD) 5 and 3; Melvin F. Hill '36 (H) defeated Learned (GD) 8 and 7; Howard F. Gillette '35 (H) defeated Walsh (GD) 9 and 8; Verner E. Kelly '37 (H) defeated Sargent (GD) 7 and 6.

Foursomes--Carpenter and J. Williamson (GD) defeated Rand and North (H) 1 up; Barrett and Hill (H) defeated W. Williamson and Learned (GD) 8 and 6; Gillette and Kelley (H) defeated Walsh and Sargent (GD) 8 and 6