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Members of the National Student League found themselves in another difficult situation early Friday when they became involved in the riot between strikers and the Columbus police in conjunction with the strike at the Columbus Packing Company.

The students are in all probability most sincere in their efforts to aid the striking workers who are attempting to secure certain concessions from the company. It is the belief of these students and the organization of which they are a part that only through active co-operation among students and workers will the "Fasciat tendencies in the country" be staved off and defeated.

Whether others agree or disagree with this stand is at present not our concern; all will admit the right of the league members to hold such a belief. However, we do feel that the league is open to censure in representing itself as a part of the University and thus causing it to be brought into the melee.

If these students desire as individuals to activity campaign for labor it is their privilege, but they may be criticized strongly for hearing signs while picketing, proclaiming them to be members of the N.S.L. of Ohio State University.

Although the league was obviously wrong in announcing its activity as that of a University organization and as such participating in the strike, it seems that the Columbus police were not entirely justified in their methods of handling the students involved. Discretion is needed to quell a disturbance of this nature without violence, little thought is required to do so with a night stick.

In continuing its support of the strikers or in its other off campus activities we suggest that the league do so not as an organization from the University, but as interested or sympathetic individuals.

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