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If you plan to discover what undergraduate opinion is doing this morning, you might as well burn your CRIMSON without further perusal. Since our whimsical efforts at thought last night produced a very clean and very white, but very empty, editorial page, we just stopped thinking.

Of course, we might reprint one of our editorials on teaching and scholarship. But you all know we like teaching and hate scholarship. We might disclose another deficiency in the Freshman year, but, thank God, we are bored to death with it. We do not even feel strong enough to tackle the football team, those parlor pink iconoclasts in the NSL, or Mr. Roosevelt, whom you may have forgotten is one of our former Presidents.

Domestic problems are all that fill our minds. We have just shipped our Editorial Chairman off to Europe, watched our Business Manager take initial prenuptial steps, and returned our Managing Editor to his family for the summer. The rest of us are waiting for the American Express Company to send us home C.O.D. As we wait in the sun, we are trying the new experiment of nailing the windows of the building so that it will be completely inaccessible this summer.

We just can't keep up this bluff any longer, for we are but one. I am faced with the ghastly prospect of filling up not only this column but also the one on the right. If you are still with me, I hope that you will note that it is filled and let it go at that. I have.

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