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To Parents:


In most cases, misfortunes which may mar a boy's whole college course might have been eliminated by some guidance during the first weeks of his college career.

As Dean Leighton pointed out in the introduction to last year's Crimson Confidential Guide, the choice of courses is a matter of the greatest importance. This is especially true for the Class of '39 because of the recent radical changes in requirements. With the wide choice now open to Freshmen, there is an opportunity to plan a college career that will be both interesting and edifying. On the other hand, an unwise choice of courses may prevent a man from taking other courses which are more interesting and instructive. It may make it impossible for him to concentrate in the field he prefers, and thus ruin his college career.

A carefully planned schedule must anticipate the requirements of concentration and distribution. Moreover, while there is no occasion for a "snap" program, Freshmen who bravely plunge into five difficult courses usually come to grief.

It is not easy to find a program that satisfies all these requirements.

In the past, many parents have sought our help in these and similar matters. We are happy to offer suggestions based on our wide experience and long contact with the University. There is, of course, no charge for any such assistance.

Our staff of experienced tutors, all Harvard men, many of them former instructors in the University, are especially qualified to assist. Freshmen in adjusting themselves to college work. Our work includes guidance in method of study and planning of work, special help in whatever subjects it is needed, and general reviews for examinations. Sincerely yours,   Harold G. Wolff


1286 Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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