The following story on the fall business board competition has been written by John M. Hartwell '36 member of the Business Board. Competitions for the four boards of the paper open to Sophomores and Juniors commence Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock in the Building.

The competition for the Business Board is one which will take you out of the University and present an inside picture of the business world. The candidate, who need have no previous experience, is sent out almost immediately to secure advertising from merchants in Cambridge, Boston, and other likely places. From them he learns how different firms are run, and what men in various types of business have to say of current economic conditions. You run into every situation, for the CRIMSON is faced with just the same problems as any concern, though on a smaller scale.

Merchants Optimistic

You'll find that merchants really are optimistic; they think the turn has come and are advertising more. This is particularly fortunate for the candidate since his success depends a great deal on his ability in bringing in ads. That is the most important of the three divisions of a candidate's work. The second, and a very vital one, is the collection of bills. This represents some hard work but there is a thrill when you are successful with an account that has repeatedly repelled attempts at collection. A few routine jobs at the office make up the third part of the competition.

After eight weeks the best candidates become business editors and are shortly given the responsibility of running the paper for a week at a time. Not only is this valuable practice but fun as well. During that week you are the boss. Right now in college you can get that little jump which means something when you graduate. An employer picks you first because you know the ropes.