Monday, September 23

8.45 o'clock. Fifteen-minute Service in the University Memorial Chapel, conducted by Professor George David Birkhoff, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

11 to 1 o'clock. Conferences with Faculty Advisers.

4 o'clock. Preliminary meeting of English A in New Lecture Hall.

5 o'clock. Study cards of Freshmen must be handed in at University Hall, Room C, before this hour.

7.30 o'clock. Annual Phillips Brooks House Association Reception to new students. The leaders of various undergraduate extra-curricular activities, including the Presidents of the CRIMSON, Lampoon, Advocate, Glee Club, Instrumental Clubs, and Phillips Brooks House Association, will speak. There will be music and refreshments.

Tuesday, September 24

8.45 o'clock. Chapel conducted by President Conant.

10 o'clock. Preliminary meeting of English 1 for new Freshmen.

12 o'clock. Preliminary meeting of German A in New Lecture Hall.

2 o'clock. Physical Training and Hygiene Lecture in New Lecture Hall. All new Freshmen are required to attend this meeting.

4 o'clock. Preliminary meeting of French 2 in New Lecture Hall.

Wednesday, September 25 and Thursday, September 26

First regular meetings of all courses under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences are held on these days at the hours and places indicated in a notice which is given to students in their registration envelopes.