We are reprinting this article for the benefit of those men who did not see yesterday's issue.

Complete facilities of the H. A. A. which include the various fields, tennis and squash courts, and the Indoor Athletic Building are open to all members of the University on payment of the regular $10 fee. Only the Freshmen who have to fulfill their physical education requirements are not required to pay for their activities.

This year there will be no tickets for separate buildings but the Participation ticket will admit the owner to all of the H.A.A. grounds. The locker and towel fee will remain an extra $4 and it will still be possible to pay 25 cents each time a student uses any athletic equipment instead of buying a $10 ticket. House residents, however, may buy a squash court ticket for $3.50 from their House janitor.

Contribution Books Again $12.00

Contribution tickets will again sell for $12 and will include all football games with the exception of Army and Princeton and all the other home contests of Harvard teams--about 65 in all. Army and Princeton tickets, however, may be purchased for $2.50 each.

Season football tickets will be available for games at home except Yale. They will not carry an option on seats for Army, Princeton, or Yale. The season ticket book this year will cost $6.60 and include a set of reserved seat tickets entitling the holder to definite seat locations at the Springfield, Holy Cross, Dartmouth, Brown, and New Hampshire games. Similar tickets for these games, if purchased individually, would cost $9.90. 35,000 applications for tickets have been mailed to Harvard graduates.

A new plan will allow children to be admitted at half price to the Springfield, Brown, and New Hampshire games.

Applications for tickets for single games should be filed not later than 6 o'clock on the following dates: Holy Cross and West Point, October 2; Dartmouth, October 9; Brown, October 16; Princeton, October 23; and Yale, November 6.

Separate tickets for football games may be bought as follows: Springfield  $ .55, $1.10 Holy Cross  $1.10, $2.20 Army  $3.30 Dartmouth  $1.65, $3.30 Brown  $1.10, $2.20 Princeton  $2.20, $3.30 New Hampshire  $ .55, $1.10 Yale  $3.85