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Notwithstanding the administrative difficulties which are entailed by such a radical shift in student interest, the preliminary enrollment figures, showing a great shift toward the Social Sciences, demonstrate that the student is making use of his newly-won prerogative to exercise his own academic judgment. Since this was the purpose behind the abolition of distribution requirements, President Conant, Dean Leighton, and Chairman Gummere should regard the first results of their experiment as a success.

No longer must a scientist or a philosopher waste his teaching ability on sugar-coated platitudes designed to interest many bored listeners. He may now teach without fear the elements of his field. No longer must an intelligent student dull his enthusiasm in ill-adapted courses. Not only will he have his presumably fascinating field of concentration but also he may satisfy secondary interests instead of monotonous requirements.

A large College, which influences the thought of a country, maintains its vigor through maintaining a flexible structure which can be adapted to change. A portion of Harvard's structure is the theory of concentration and distribution which may now adjust itself to the demands of the present and the future.

Thus today the world is threatened by strife and uncertainty. The desire for knowledge concerning its problems discloses itself in the increased popularity of the social sciences. By explaining the little that is known about governmental, historical, and economic problems to ready listeners, the Faculty may imbue its students with a saner, more intelligent understanding of the problems that demand solution. Certainly no hurdle of requirements should be thrown in the path of such necessary knowledge.

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