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Source of Parking Policy Hidden in Lehman Hall Labyrinthine Bureaucracy


A petition was being circulated last evening by indignant car owners of Eliot and Kirkland Houses asking that they be allowed to park in the triangle formed by these two buildings.

Yellow tags, tied indiscriminately to the steering wheels of all vehicles which come to rest for more than a few minutes in this forbidden territory, are the cause of this outburtst. They bear the legend "This car is parked in violation of the Harvard University Parking Regulations. If not removed from University property by---- the University will, if it sees fit, have this car towed to a garage and stored at the owner's expense and risk." A terse message, written in pencil on the reverse side of the tag, reads: "See Mr. Apted, Lehman Hall, 9 to 5."

An attempt was made yesterday to discover just why the University had adopted such a forceful "no parking" policy concerning an area which, as one indignant "tagoo" declared, seemed to be of little use for anything but parking. This attempt was successfully parried by the labyrinthine bureaucracy of Lehman Hall. Charles R. (Colonel) Apted '06, when questioned on the matter, said that the Fire Department had complained they would be unable to get their gigantic new hook-and-ladder into this triangle with the parking situation as it now stands. As far as he was concerned, however, he was simply carrying out his orders.

Aldrich Durant '02, Business Manager, declared that a similar situation existed at the beginning of every year, but that the students' parking problems were a personal matter, and no concern of the University. A brief talk with the Cambridge Fire Chief revealed little more. The only parking practice that bothers the Fire Department is that of blocking fire plugs. It appears that none exist in the triangle. The Chief of the Police Department took no more interest in the affair than did his fire-fighting brother. His only comment was to the effect that the police department had enough parking troubles of its own without worrying about those in University property.

Confronted with the information that the Fire Chief appeared completely disinterested, the Colonei calmly replied that this fellow is a newcomer, but maintained stoutly that the former Chief had made himself heard on the subject. What Mr. Apted wanted stressed above all, however, was the beautiful $60 "no-parking" sign, one that would warm the cockles of any sign-connoisseur's heart, that hangs above the entrance of this triangle. It seemed very strange to him that such a very beautiful sign was read so little

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