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Bewails Number of "Good People" Who are Daily Pouring Money Into Townsend Plan


"I consider the new School of Public Administration of tremendous value," stated Joseph B. Ely, former governor of Massachusetts, in an-interview yesterday.

Finance For All Citizens

He feels, moreover, that governmental education should be within the grasp of all. "There should be," he says, "a course of public finance for every American citizen."

Questioned concerning his views of the Townsend Plan the governor replied flatly. "It's crazy. It's a gold brick. I think it will die out. It's too foolish to live. There are approximately ten million people eligible. At the late of $200 a month per person it would about to 24 billion a year, just about half the present income. It would cheapen our money, so that in a year's time the $200 a month would pay just about $30 rent and eventually the money wouldn't be worth anything. If we could get security that cheap, we would have had it ages ago.

Townsend Plan a Racket

"The thing is pathetic when you consider the number of good people who pay in their nickles, quarters, and dollars to a concern that gives no account of what eventually becomes of the money. It must be as remunerative as the Ku Klux Klan for somebody."

Governor Ely refused to commit himself on the recent supreme court decision on the A.A.A. "I'm not an expert on farm matters," he said.

In conclusion be hazarded several remarks on the coming election. "The Fast is going to return to the Republicans, and I think the West will too.

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