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Strictly Speaking


One of the first projects undertaken by the Geographical Institute's aerial photography group was the mapping of the Newburyport, Mass. area for the peabody Museum's survey of the inhabitants of that region. An army of workers was employed to interiew each Newburyport resident, noting his personal history and gathering anthropological data on his skull's dimensions.

Time came to transport the thousands of record sheets, one for each Newburyport citizen, to the University of Chicago. The task was entrusted to the Business School, which, properly impressed by Peabody with the value of these records, promptly insured the whole lot for considerably in excess of $25,000. In turn, properly impressed, the Railway Express Company appeared at Peabody's door and loaded the records in an armored car manned with several beholstered guards.

A member of the Harvard faculty is being considered for the post of president of Wellesley. Also under consideration is Vassar's liberal-minded Eleanor Dodge. President Pendleton's resignation is effective this June.

Napkins were the chief point of controversy on the Wellesley campus just before the holidays. The old system under which students supplied their own was pleasing no one. The College shied away from an extensive outlay for new linen napkins and at one time considered upping the tuition to cover the expense. An all-afternoon conference of College officials and student representatives led to the posting of the following notice.

"It is proposed to provide paper napkins for breakfast and luncheon, and a clean lines napkin each day at dinner. Students in some of the houses have offered to present the College their present equipment of napkins and the College would be very grateful for such assistance in inaugurating this new undertaking. . . . The College will be glad to launder any soiled napkins which students may care to include in such a donation. If as many as 2000 napkins are contributed in this way the new plan will be carried. (Signed) Mary C. Ewing,   Dean of Residence."

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