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To the Editor of the Crimson:

The average college student is torn between the desire to pursue his studies and desire to serve his country. In a hurriedly formulated plan, a procedure has been worked out which would enable the student to, in a worthy measure, do both. The plan, which calls for the volunteer organization of Civilian Students' Emergency Service Shock Brigades, under the supervision of the Committee of Public Safety, was outlined to several Faculty members of local universities, most of whom have given their approval of it.

It will be expected of each volunteer that he allot a portion of his time to defense training in his school so that he will shortly become adept at executing almost any position in Civilian Defense. Thus, in the event of an emergency, whenever additional defense personnel is needed, the versatile Shock Brigades could be called upon for service.

On the other hand, if the emergency can be properly handled by the already constituted personnel of the Civilian Defense, the student could continue his regular course of study, consoled by the knowledge that he will be called upon if needed.

In the meantime, approximately 50,000 intelligent youths in some fifty colleges and universities, strategically scattered throughout the Common-wealth of Massachusetts, are losing valuable time in preparing themselves to aid their local communities in the event of an emergency in which their temporary services would be invaluable if called upon by any of the civilian organizations cooperating with the defense forces of the national government.

Time is of the essence. The plan needs only the approval of the Committee of Public Safety to be put in operation. Saul E. Joftes.   Graduate Assistant in   the Department of Gov-   ernment, Boston Uni-   versity.

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