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The Vagabond


January 25th. Up betimes and at the Crimson all the morning where I was glad at my heart to open letters and find that so many professors have answered to the Vagabond's requests for names of their lectures during the next semester. And I did also see a note from Professor Haring announcing that Dunster House will have another art exhibition early in February, this time of the paintings of Mr. Martin Mower. And I was exceedingly pleased to learn that other Houses are planning similar loan exhibitions of well known painters. Yet I do earnestly hope that similarity of activities among the Houses will not be encouraged: For, to reinterpret the old proverb, birds of a feather, really never get anyplace.

Thence, very carefree, examinations being over, I did go to the Greeks in the Square to buy a Times and polish my shoes. And all the while the bootblack did polish my shoes I would read but could not do so for the black-eyed, black-haired wife of the Greek did look at me and smile, making me feel much uneasy. Whereupon, at length, the bootblack turning to his wife spoke in Greek something like the following: "My woman, why are you acting so?" Whereupon, and now laughing all the more (but pretending to be concerned only with the hat she was cleaning) she did answer in Greek: "Heavens, George, look what big feet he has!" And much at this I did smile but did not let on I understood until I was about to leave when in my laboured Greek I remembered and spoke the line: "Why not look even unto your own, Madame!" Whereupon she did blush exceedingly and the husband was much peeved at her and did follow me in the street hollering: "You please forgive; this-a woman, she all a-time make-a trouble for me!" I, very merry, to the Tower for lunch.

Thence to a little nap, but not being down long, the phone did ring: "Would you like to skate?" Whereupon I did put on some new flashy breeches and a cape which did make me look like a monk--at least so she did say--and so to Lake Waban. She, being very expert, did lead me a merry chase; and did top off her victory with a most silly remark that, my best form of exercise was "jumping at conclusions". Whereupon I did wash her pretty face in snow and so to tea at The Cabin.

Thence, after much merry-making, to take her home. But on the way did run out of gas; and it was a cold and we were far from any station, it did seem. Whereupon we did seek information at the nearest house: Wherein, after much knocking and waiting, a nice old lady in pink night gown did come and ask us "Dear Ones" into the parlor: "Abner will be right down". "Abner", coat over night shirt, did come almost immediately. I did feel most funny when he did ask me for my "license". He, I found, being hard of hearing, I did have an exceedingly difficult time explaining it was not marriage we did want but the nearest gas station. Whereupon, he did close his book, and he was a bit peeved I would think, did show us his phone, and he back to bed. By and by, after much ado, to her home, and I, finally, and very glad at my heart, to the Tower and so to bed.

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