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The Moviegoer

"Mutiny on the Bounty" Full of Brine, Brawn, and Fury; "March of Time" Vital and Interesting

By E. C. B.

"Mutiny on the Bounty" is one of those elemental pictures of drama in the rough. It is a staggering mixture of salt water, cruelty, agony, privation, and heroism, and it leaves the audience pleasantly exhausted. It is enriched but not softened by glimpses of tropical love and languorous Tahitian beauties.

Charles Laughton gives us Captain Bligh, an iron-willed flend running amuck at sea, where reason is powerless to restrain him. In spite of his round, boyish face, bestial cruelty disguised as lawful discipline seems to be Laughton's forte. This was demonstrated in "Les Miserables" as well as in the present picture. Those thick lips and pug nose of his are becoming the cinematic symbol of brutality.

Tahitians are Crowning Glory

Clark Gable is more virile than ever, seldom being hampered by clothes above the waist. He does much in this picture to justify his lionization and to make it permanent. As for the native Tahitians, men and women, they all demonstrate the beauty of the Polynesian physique, and, by their superb acting, the acuteness of the Polynesian intelligence. Some pungent contrasts between their savagery and our civilization are subtly brought forward by Frauchot Tone's study of their language.

Come and get a thrill out of "Mutiny on the Bounty". It's strong, stern drama, but there's nothing crude or melodramatic about it. For the villain is a hero when he pits his will against the sea, and the hero looks just a little villainish when he revels in tropical warmth while some of his partners face trial and punishment.

Time Marches On with renewed vigor this month. The Townsend Plan, with its hopes and illusions; The trapping of the narcotic smugglers, working through New Orleans from Central America; and the achievements and aspirations of Japan in China, are the topics of the new installment.

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