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Socialist Polls Only 3 Percent of the Total Vote as Compared to His Close '32 Vote


By the narrow margin of 21 votes Harvard College clung to its traditional Republican moorings according to final figures in the CRIMSON presidential poll conducted yesterday.

Governor Alfred M. Landon, Republican nominee, received 1016 undergraduate ballots, while President Franklin D. Roosevelt '04 was the choice of 995 students. Norman Thomas, Socialist, received 72, Earl Browder, Communist, 35, William Lemke, Union party candidate, 9, and Colvin, Prohibitionist, 4.

In the University as a whole Landon had a more comfortable lead, the vote standing Landon, 1385; Roosevelt, 1220; a lead of 165 for the Kansan.

Yesterday's poll figures compared with figures in the 1932 straw vote reveal that while the Republican vote has fallen off, almost the entire large Socialist vote of four years ago has been transferred to Roosevelt. Then, Roosevelt and Norman Thomas ranneck and neck, less than 10 votes apart, while this year Thomas polled only about .03% of the total vote in the University. The Communist vote has increased since 1932 but is still insignificant compared with the total number of ballots cast. In a 1934 vote on New Deal policies, the University voted against Roosevelt by an approximate margin of 1100-700.

A total of 2681 votes were counted, and 27 were thrown out for lack of signature, or obviously faked names such as two signed "G. L. Kittredge." Extraordinary precautions were taken to insure the accursey of the vote. All ballots were re-counted three times, and all signatures were checked. Minor party votes for the University as a whole were Thomas 82, Lemke 9. Browder 43, Colvin 4.

Governor Curley picked up 2. while Raphael Demos, Assistant Professor on Philosophy, was the choice of 3. Two of Vincent Astor's close friends in Eliot House roted for the owner of the Nourmahal, and Upton Sinclair, Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Roover, and Wintergreen each tallied one.

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