Baton May Not Clear Crossbar in Amherst Game; Tabler Out

Leroy Anderson, Vernor Slade Also Resign in Shakeup of Crimson Band

For the first time within memory of the oldest living undergraduate the big baton of the Harvard hand may not go over the goal post between the halves of a football game.

William P. Tabler '36, drum major for four years, has resigned at short notice from his position leaving the corps without a twirler of the first rank.

Not only is Tabler through as drum major, but news of further official shifts breaks on the eve of the opening game.

Leroy Anderson '29, the man who was responsible for the arrangements which have helped make the band famous, leaves for New York to take up professional work in this line.

Robert Snyder '88 takes his place and, inheriting as he will Anderson's scores, is not expected to bear too heavy burdens in his first year.

Nor has realignment stopped here. Guy Vernor Slade '32, from whose mind have sprung the celebrated alphabetical evolutions, also has resigned. Tabler is to fill his shoes.

Meanwhile as the Crimson musicians get in line for tomorrow the question of Tabler's successor remains uncertain. Most likely prospect at the moment is Herbert M. Irwin, Jr. '37, band manager, who had some experience before entering college.

Irwin has been practicing all week but hasn't decided yet whether to try a toss after the accomplished throws of Tabler, who, according to his own statement, "never missed, and couldn't remember when the baton had failed to go over."

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