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The Vagabond


Time hangs lightly on the Vagabond's hands. It dangles there, a flimsy rainbow bubble, catches the sun a moment and disappears.

Today was to have been so long. Widener in the morning, a ride to Framingham in the afternoon, study in the Attic till midnight. Instead of that wrote three letters and began a fourth. Did get to see tutor--prepared for once. Mystery, Miracle, and Morality plays . . .

In Heywood's "Play of the Four PP's" the Pardoner, a self-alleged agent for the Pope, sells slips of paper guaranteeing salvation:

'Geve me but a peny or two pens,

And as sone as the soule departeth hens,

In halfe an houre--or thre quarters at moste--

The soule is in heven with the Holy Ghoste."

"The Play of the Four PP's" is an "Interlude." A development of the Moralities, the gayer and less reverent Interludes were plays, staged before kings or nobles in the banquet hall . . . . The Tudor equivalent of floor shows.

Floor shows . . . . Where are we going after the Dartmouth game . . . ? Theatrical, Crescent, or Towne--Levaggi, or Mayfair, or Merry Go Round.

Wherever we go the Dartmouths will be always with us. There was one last year. At ten he turned up his nose at our davenport, at two he was trying very hard to find it, at nine the next morning he wouldn't get off it so we just left him there.

To dine tonight with friends at Ola's. We'll get to Widener yet . . . . .

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