Five Men Appointed As Instructors And Tutors; Fourteen Are Named as Assistants; Many in Sciences

Appointment of 19 men to the Harvard faculty was announced yesterday. Two of the new men are from Canada, one from Ireland, one from China, and six from Massachusetts.

Five men were appointed as instructors and tutors. They are: John D. Ferry of Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada in Biochemical Sciences; Paul M. A. Linebarger of Washington, D. C. in Government William D. Greene of Dublin, Ireland, in Greek and Latin; Hunter D. Farish, of Camden, Alabama, in History; and Donald O. Hebb, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, in Psychology.

Fourteen were appointed as the new assistants. They are: Andrew A. Kasper '33, of Watertown, in Chemistry; John O. Brew, of Maiden in Anthropology; Joseph Charles of Arcadia, California, in History; Robert B. Watson, of Urbana, Illinois, in Physics; Lea M. Hurvich, '32, of Mattapan in Psychology;

Robert K. Scarbacher, of Miami, Florida in Electrical Engineering; James D. Parsons '35, of Croton-on-Hudson, New York, in Soil Mechanics; Matti H. Pakkala, of Washington, D. C., in Metallurgy; Tsung-Hwa Suh, of Shanghai, China in Neurology;

Charles S. Denny '34, of Brookline, in Geology; Charles H. Fay, of Austin, Texas, in Physics; Daniel B. Aaron, of Cambridge, in English; Charles E. Carr '35, of Maiden, in English; and Charles I. Weir '36, of Kew Gardens, Long Island, New York, in English.