"Gun-bug" And Tyro Will Find Suitable Competition In '36-37 Rifle Club Program

Winter Indoor Program Conducted on Fifty-foot Range in Basement of "Mem"

This article, written by A. William Asmuth, Jr. '38, president of the Rifle Club, is one of a series on extra-curricular activities in the college. These articles are intended to supplement the information received at the Phillips Brooks House reception.

The Harvard Rifle Club has for many years served as a nucleus about which have gathered most of the interested and interesting "gun-bugs" of the University. But during the last three or four years much has been done toward acquiring facilities and formulating a program which would interest the student who has not had much experience, but nevertheless would like to be able to shoot a rifle, as well as give the "Hawkeyes" a chance to show their skill.

The indoor Winter program of the Club is carried on in the range in the basement of Memorial Hall where a four-point 50 feet firing range is available. The Club owns three .22 caliber target rifles for the use of its members. The targets are supplied by the Club and last year ammunition was supplied by the Club throughout the season. The range in Memorial Hall is under the supervision of the Naval Science Department, and a coach will be available from them for Club members. Tentative plans provide for the range to be open daily and one evening a week.

As nearly all the colleges the Club shoots against, including Yale, recognize the rifle team as a minor athletic sport tht Rifle Club fields an Intercollegiate team which meets athletic eligibility requirements and shoots shoulder-to-shoulder matches as well as National Intercollegiate League matches. For members ineligible for the Intercollegiate team another team is formed which shoots matches with other clubs. Thus actual match shooting may be had by anyone interested enough to come out.

In the Spring opportunity is offered for .30 cal. shooting at long ranges, rifles and ammunitions being supplied by the Club. Army Course D qualifications may be shot for at this time.