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The Moviegoer

"Cain and Mabel" (Gable and Davies) as Bad as the Pun; Stage Show Falls to Compensate

By T. H. C.

If you like to see headlines from Hearst papers flashed on the screen every few minutes, and if you like to see Mr. Hearst's Miss Marion Davis try to act twenty years younger than she is, then there's nothing else for you to do but go see "Cain and Mabel,"

Clark Gable, who aptz pretty embarrassed throughout, is cast as a heavy weight champ, while Miss Davies is the star in a musical productions, improbable as it may seem. At first it's mutual hatred, them love. A publicity promoter, Roscoe Karns, breaks up the happy pair just before the big fight, but it all ends happily.

With the exception of some good fight scenes, the whole thing is rather soggy, filled with trite lines and crude humor. Miss Davies does prove, however, that her day, if she over had one, is definitely over. Working under a tremendous handicap, Clark Gable does the best he can.

Net over the expert ballet dancing of Harriet Hootor saves the stage above from being bad.

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