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Now the Coach Harlow has succeed in raising the standard of Harvard football, the undergraduate body is taking an increasing interest in what goes on behind the scenes; namely how the squad practices and how the Harlow, system functions from day to day. Since practices are closed to everybody, excepting a few favored newspaper reporters and gentlemen with some mysterious influence, there is no way for the student body to see its own team at daily workouts.

There ought to be one or two days a week when undergraduates of the University should be permitted to attend practices and see what goes on behind the forbidding boards of the enclosure. Such a system, if introduced would greatly help the morale of the members of the squad, who are naturally receptive to encouragement and applause. At the same time it would given the students an opportunity to form their own opinions about Harvard football, and enable them to watch the games each Saturday with more intelligence and interest.

The vast majority of American universities and colleges encourage undergraduate attendance at football practices, because the coaches and college officials feel that lively interest on the part of the student body helps the team to play a better game. With permission to attend one or two practices a week, Harvard men would be in much closer contact with their own football team and the benefit received would be mutual. Naturally there are always times when the utmost secrecy must be maintained in regard to new plays or team lineups, but one or two open practices ought not to divulge important matters which may be worked on during the other days of the week.

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