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TO the Editor of the Crimson:

Before the glory of these Tercentenary days dims into the obscurity of history I wish to take the occasion to thank those undergraduates who assisted so greatly it making the morning of September 17th an occasion which we may hope will long be remembered by the Harvard men in attendance. It is impossible for me to thank each and every man who was either an aide or a marshal at the meeting and I am hoping that this open letter will suffice to express to them both my personal and official thanks for their labors.

I would also like to congratulate publicly the undergraduate speakers, R. T. Fels, N. L. Cahners, and E. O. Miller for both the content of their speeches and the manner of delivery. It has seemed to many of us that no part in the entire three-day program added more to Harvard's future than the carefully worded thoughts of these gentlemen. They must have been satisfied by the rapt attention of the audience and the plaudits they received; but even so, what they said we may hope will live on to aid in the growth of Harvard in the future.

It may not be amiss that I call to the attention of the undergraduate body the gratitude of those who know to what great labor your Undergraduate Committee, consisting of Thomas H. Quinn, John B. Bowditch, and Caleb Foote, was put. These gentlemen organized the magnificent reception and care of your undergraduate delegates, a fragment of the celebration which was as happy and did as much service to Harvard as any other.

We who were permitted to participate in this Celebration will never again see such a day in the Harvard Yard, but we shall long cherish the words spoken during those days which will lead Harvard to an over brighter and greater future. Elliott C. Cutler, Ex-president Associated Harvard Clubs.

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