Amherst Favored to Conquer Crimson Here Today-- Yardlings Most Eleven from Tabor Academy

Harvard and Amherst open their soccer seasons on the Business School Field at 1 o'clock today when an untried Crimson meets a veteran Lord Jeff eleven.

A half hour later the local Freshmen play host on an adjoining field to Tabor Academy in the first game for both aggregations.

With only one Sophomore in its lineup to five for the home team the visitors have a definite advantage on paper. Only three of the Harvard group that nosed out Amherst 3-2 last year are starting today.

Despite its apparent role of underdog Captain Jim Wood's team has prospects definitely brighter than those of last Saturday. Early this week Frank Harnden and John Johnson of the 1929 Yardlings reported and immediately found positions in the center of the forward line.

These men are fast, have good ball control, team well, and, most important asset, possess quick accurate shots in front of the cage. With Captain Wood on one wing and Don Sleeper on the other they may provide a winning scoring punch.


Varsity Lineup

The Harvard Varsity lineup; g., Williams; lf., Powell; rf., Robie; lh., Phillips; ch., R. Scott; rh., A. Scott; lo., Wood (Capt.); li, Johnson; c. Harnden; rl., Johansen; ro., Sleeper.