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With December fifteenth set as deadline for the Henry Fund Fellowships, the need for seniors to plan far ahead of time the years that lie beyond graduation takes on added importance. Too often a student goes through his final year in college with his eyes closed as in a dream to the plunge that waits the other side of Class Day, and he wakes up rudely to find the opportunity for study and travel abroad denied him simply because he failed to apply in good season.

The chance to enlarge one's personal horizons by social intercourse and exploration in distant lands, as well as further pursuit of knowledge in foreign universities, is ample reason for wanting a year or two across the water before settling down to business or profession. The purely Harvard fellowships offer additional advantages over the Rhodes awards in choice of university, flexibility of program, and short-term appointments. For since these prizes are given out on an annual basis, the student who takes one does not sign away his freedom for three whole years and thus virtually cut himself off from future professional training at home. Rather the single year abroad opens a road of valuable experience toward a professional career.

The awards, too, carry large enough stipends to permit extensive travel between term times. Thus the student can cover a variety of territory, with which he might otherwise never come in contact, and get a grasp of foreign ideals and customs that will give him a keener insight to domestic problems in America. These scholarships form an integral part of the Harvard educational scheme. It is hoped that the capable and worthy will not leave them to the halt and the blind simply because they are too lazy or preoccupied to get their applications in on time.

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