Harvard Mountaineering Club Members Climb Hitherto Unscaled Nanda Devi in British India

Inaugural Climb for Year Will Be Held at Quincy Quarries on October 18.

Three members of the Harvard Mountaineering Club were included in an Angle-American Expedition this summer which scaled for the first time Nanda Devi, highest mountain in British India. The Harvard scales were Adams Carter '36, William F. Loomis '36, president last year of the club, and Charles Houston '35. Arthur M. Emmens '35, another former club member who in 1934 conquered Minya Konka, a mountain in eastern Tibet, was also on this expedition.

Houston has returned to the United States, but Emmons and Loomis have planned a trip starting from Calcutta have taking them through northern Burma to the Yangize River. Carter has received permission to travel across Afghanistan into Russia.

The first climb of the year for the Mountaineering Club will take placed Sunday, October 18, when the members travel to the Quincy Quarries. On Sunday, October 25, there will be an all day trip to Joe English Hill, New Hampshire, while on Thursday, November 1, the Peabody Boulders will be tackled by the mountaineers. Dana Durant, experienced Alpine climber, will be the leader on one or more of these trips.

These first three climbs are in the nature of limbering up exercises for more strenuous climbs later and are utilized particularly for practice and instruction. They are also intended for Freshmen and others who wish to join and who have had no previous mountain-climbing experience.


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