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The Crimson poll on the question of the present parietal rule requiring a "carbon copy" of all lady guests has proved two facts conclusively. The first is that feeling was strong enough to bring out a record vote. Where the shot hits; there the feathers fly. The second fact is that the present rule is definitely undesirable and inconvenient.

The vote--792 to 433--for a return to the old rules is consistent when compared to the fact that no revision of those rules was wanted. This would imply a "states-rights" belief that each House should decide for itself.

Most surprising is the opposition to the Oxford Card System which had much backing before the poll. A great deal of this opposition can be explained by a misunderstanding as to the working of that system, which many felt was just one more check-up in addition to the restrictions of the old rules. The Oxford System prescribes no other restriction than the registration of both the student and his guest before the visit and a corresponding "checking-out" after the visit. The hours when visiting is allowed are limited by University officials.

Despite the vote against it The Crimson still advocates the Oxford Card System, together with a recommendation for the conferring of University authorities and student representatives on the measures leading to its adoption.

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