Scholarships Totaling $5,300 Are Given to Outstanding Students for High Academic Standing

Award of scholarships totalling $5,300 to fifteen students of high academic standing in the various graduate schools of the University has been announced as follows:

Francis J. Walsh '36, 1L, Frank B. Greene 2Dn, and Charles B. O'Neil, Jr. '36, 1L, of Cambridge, Mass., have won Buckley scholarships.

Antony H. Chroust L'32, of Wurtzburg, Germany, the Holtzer scholarship.

Jacob Levine '36, 1G, Albert S. Murphy 1M, and Shepard 1L. Yesley '35, 2GB, of Dorcester, Mass., have won Stoughton scholarships.

War Memorial


Richard P. Goldthwait 3G, of Hanover, N. H., the 1902 World War Memorial Scholarship.

Hollis M. Levenson 1GEd, of Brookline, Mass., and Alfred T. Hill 1GEd, of Wellesley Hills, Mass., have won Austin scholarships.

Alfred M. Church 2GEd, of Honolulu, T.H., a Faculty Scholarship of the Graduate School of Education.

James A. Jackson grEs, of Rensselaer, Ind., a Storrow scholarship.

Joseph Sarcia 1L, of Hartford, Conn., the Lewis Larned Coburn scholarship.

Seymour J. Rubin 2L, of Chicago, III., the Fay scholarship. Howard E. Roman grED, of Long Island City, N. Y., a University scholarship.