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The Bookshelf

THE LIVES OF TALLEYRAND, by Crane Brinton. W. W. Norton & Co., New York, 1936. 316 pp. $3.00.


His Excellency, Hirosi Saito, Japanese Ambassador to the united States, has crystallised for our country and for the world the policies and purposes of his government in this book of speeches. It is probably the most valuable and important work of a Japanese statesman ever accomplished towards a better understanding of his country by the United States. It frankly and openly presents the case of a major power whose actions are seldom sympathized with and often condemned by unthinking men throughout America and Europe.

He proves that, despite the blatant propaganda of our navalists terrorising Congress into giving them a bigger navy, Japan has no thought of annexing the Philippines and sending an armada to attack San Francisco. he proves that, despite the cheap haranguing of sensational newspapers, Japanese labor cannot compete against American labor in this country, even if we were to abolish tariffs altogether. he proves that, despite the world's anti-imperialistic sympathies, the end justified the means in the case of his country's going into Manchuria.

No student of international relations can afford to miss this volume of speeches, this document illumination a dark subject and a sore subject in contemporary history, this testimonial to the good faith of the most important power in eastern waters. Not even the most ardent anti Japanese trouble maker in this country can help but be convinced by ambassador Saito's disarming array of facts that Japan's only and chief desire is to attain and maintain the friendship and good will of the world towards her.

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