Holdsworth Wins Football Managership for Freshmen

Atherton and Mercer Named First and Second Assistants

Frederick Holdsworth '40 won the managership of the Freshman football team, it was announced yesterday. He will be in charge of the arrangements for the Freshman game at the Yale Bowl on Saturday, November 14. Holdsworth, for two years, saw service as quarterback on the Milton Academy team.

John M. Atherton '40, of St. Mark's Academy, and Douglas Mercer '40, of Belmont Hill, were appointed first and second assistant managers respectively.

Next Year

These three men, together with John R. Brooks, of Belmont Hill; George O. Clark, of Exeter; Watson M. Gordon, Jr., of Middlesex; Donald C. Watson, of Milton Academy; and Frederick R. H. Witherby, of Milton Academy, will compete next spring for the five Sophomore managerial positions which will automatically become vacant in the fall of 1937.

In their Junior year one of the candidates will be the assistant Varsity manager, one will be assistant Junior Varsity manager, and one will be assistant manager in charge of Freshman football. The Varsity manager will take the team to Chicage in 1939.