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In a series of editorials last spring the Princetonian pointed out, by no means for the first time, the benefits to be derived from the distribution of printed notes by professors at the beginning of their lectures and urged the general adoption of printed or mimeographed lecture notes by the various departments. At the same time, a series of statements secured from the chairmen of all the departments declaring their respective attitudes on the question was published in the news columns of this paper.

At the completion of the series of Faculty statements, which showed that the general sentiment among the departments was about evenly divided, eleven departmental chairmen consented, at the Princetonian's request, to sound out the opinion of the students in their respective courses and to subject the matter of printed lecture notes to discussion within their departments. Their agreement did not commit these men to the adoption of the proposed innovation but merely insured for it serious departmental consideration, the only step that can be taken from without the departments themselves.

With the possibility of action thus resting entirely in the hands of the departmental professors more clearly than it had ever before, it was hoped that the use of printed lecture notes might be adopted in at least a few courses this fall. Thus far it appears that in only one course has such action been newly taken. Perhaps it was presumptuous--or merely fatuous--to hope that the discussion aroused last May would have a more fortunate outcome than the oblivion which has been the fate of the many previous pleas on this subject. Daily Princetonian.

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