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Investigation as to what happened to the Veterans of Future Wars, that interesting organization which caused so much stir in collegiate circles, reveals that the Veterans have ceased to clamor for their bonus. In short, the society has gone the way of all flesh, it has folded up.

The reasons for the discontinuance of the group are plain. "It really couldn't go on", explains one of its former members, "because it had no intrinsic value. If we continued, there would have been hundreds of other diverse forms and principles, which would have tangled us up. At Yale, for instance, the club became quasi-Fascist. At Columbia, the radical group took it over, and it was turned into an Anti-War Society.

"In comparing the Veterans to the Student Union, they were both interested in peace, but one was seriously interested in attacking the problem while the other was satirical."

The League of Yellow Journalists, a kindred organization which sprang up shortly after the V.F.W. was formed, is still going on it was revealed. They have been hiding low for the while, but plans for their reorganization are well under way.

The League is to become the Council for the Integrity of Public Information as soon as mid-years are out of the way of the Leaguers or embryonic Councilors.

Last year soon after their start the membership sent a telegram to Hearst making him the Honorary President. A medal of their felicitations followed.

The League was also anti-Bernerr McFadden, anti-Col, McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune and anti-the Denver Post.

Founder of the Future Wars veterans Lewis J. Gorin is now 1L at the Harvard Law School and has evidently given up all thoughts of raping the Treasury.

The whole idea originated with Gorin, The organization promised that it would actively lobby for a $1,000 bonus to all pre-veterans. Assuming that a war is inevitable the promoters thought that the soldiers-to-be should enjoy while they were physically fit. Why wait until they were crippled, matured, or even dead. Apparently, however, they have decided to wait.

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