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In an informal scrimmage with Northeastern University, at the end of last week's practice, the Varsity basketball team tallied 25 baskets to swamp their Husky opponents, who were successful in completing only three throws at the basket.

The scrimmage was unimpressive, though, and does not throw much light on the Crimson opener with Rhode Island State, scheduled for Wednesday evening at Kingston, Rhode Island. Northeastern, never in a class with the Crimson, has been off form so far this season.

Rhod Island State defeated the Crimson team last year by a score of 44-28. With two interchangeable teams of about equal ability playing the hardest sort of ball, the Rhode Island hoopsters, last year, ran the Crimson aggregation into the ground. Coach Wes Fesler has, however, been enabled by an abundance of material to build up a strong reserve and is planning on using two interchangeable teams himself this season.

Classed with such teams as Providence, the Rhode Island State aggregation does not present an easy early season set-up.

Playing a tight man to man defense, they use a fast break which will confront the Feslermen with the exact sort of play with which they will be faced in the major games with Penn and Yale.

When playing on their own floor the Rhode Island bunch is especially hard to beat. With their court slightly smaller than regulation, they have not been defeated in a home game in recent years. Coach Fesler claimed that in mid-season form the Crimson would have had no difficulty in winning from Rhode Island last year.

Though Coach Fesler does not intend to announce his starting quintet until Wednesday night, the team of Verne Struck and "Lupe" Lupien at guard, George Lowman and Lewis McGowan at the forward position, and Captain Bill Gray at center will in all probability see action first at Kingston next Wednesday. With the exception of Bill Gray, who spent the latter part of the week in the infirmary, the above was the starting lineup against Northeastern. John Herrick replaced him at center.

Last Monday six football men, including Dave Glueck, Bob Green, Ben Smith, Verne Struck, Cliff Wilson, and Stuart Zimman, reported for practice. Only Verne Struck has earned a place in the top bracket, replacing Leavitt White at guard. Coach Fesler's alternate quintet will probably be made up of Grondahl and Shirk, forwards; Heckkel and White, guards; and Herrick, center.

Following the Rhode Island game, the Feslermen will meet Boston University, at Boston, on Thursday, and Penn at Philadelphia on Saturday.

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