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Continuing its victorious record, the undefeated Varsity swimming team overcame the McGill mermen Saturday evening by a score of 56 to 15, having captured first place in all races but the 100-yard free style. With the McGill meet behind them, Coach Ulen's men will be ready to take on Yale next month.

Breaking his own Harvard 220-yard free style record by 7-10s of a second, Charlie Hutter proved himself superior to Fred Bourne, Canadian Olympic star, who has been considered a serious threat before the meet.

The summary:

220-yard free style--Won by Charles G. Hutter Jr. '38 (H); second F. M. Bourne (M); third Dario C. Berizzi '38 (H). Time--2m. 14 4-5sec. (New Harvard record).

50-yard free style--Won by John S. Bainbridge '38 (H); second Donald N. McKay '38 (H); third R. A. Bourne (M). Time--25 sec.

Diving--Won by Henry K. Fitts '36 (H); second Bernard F. Merriman '36 (H); third J. M. Mills (M).

440-yard free style--Won by Franklin W. Coleman '38 (H); second Arthur G. Jameson '37 (H); third F. M. Bourne (M). Time--5 min. 13 3-5 sec.

150-yard backstroke--Won by Graham Cummin '38 (H); second Richard T. fisher '36; third A. Mander (M). Time--1 min. 41 1/5 sec.

220-yard breast stroke--Won by Robert G. Heskett '37 (H); second H. B. Savage (M); third Bertram S. Wolfson '36 (H). Time--2 min. 50 sec.

100-yard free style--Won by R. A. Bourne (M); second John J. Colony '37, (H); third Wallace E. Howell '36. Time--53 sec.

400-yard relay--Won by Harvard (McKay, Jameson, Barker, Berizzi). Time--3 min. 49 4-5 sec.

Hitherto unbeaten, the yearling swimmers bowed last Saturday to Exeter with a score of 34 to 31.

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