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Feb. 18th. Up betimes, and out into the slipperiest morning ever I experienced, and so, after chocolate, to the office at eight and so to set my agenda in order:


At 9 o'clock

Mr. Pratt, "How to Study," Emerson D.

At 10 o'clock

Professor Perry, "Origin of American Democratic Doctrine", Emer A. Also at ten I note Professor Ballantine will comment upon and play the Beethoven Sonata in A flat, Opus 110. Music Building.

At 12 o'clock

Professor Bixler, " 'Geist' and 'Leben'" Andover D.


At 10 o'clock

Professor Demos, "Spinoza: Doctrine of Privation", Emerson D.

Professor Kuhn, "Rubens," Germanic Museum.

Professor Palache, "Corundum," Geol. Mus. 12.

Professor Pfeiffer, "Moses: Facts and Legends" Andover C.

At 11 o'clock

Dr. Buck, "The Prostrate South", New Lecture Hall.

At 12 o'clock

Professor Post, "General Characteristic of Modern Sculpture," Fogg Sm. Room.

Professor Black, "Electric Circuits," Jeff. Phys. Lab. Rm. 250.

Dr. Wild, "Augustine and Platonism", Sever 1.

Also at 12 o'clock on Wednesday I am glad at my heart to note Professor Hill continues his lecture on Mendelssohn. Music Building.

Thence, about the Square, here and there, and by and by to the Tower, where weary with happy work I to play my grama phone a while to rest myself. But not for long for I did note an exhibition of Lewis Carroll's works be at the Widener Treasure Room. So I to Widener, and, bless my soul, did there catch a little girl reciting:

"We have sailed many weeks, we have sailed many days,

(Seven days to the week I allow),

But a Snark, on the which we might lovingly gaze,

We have never beheld till now!"

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