Moseley Benched With Charley Horse; Will Go to Montreal With Unchanged Team

Winding up a week of conditioning for the coming tussle with McGill's flashy stickmen, the Varsity hockey team tonight will take on the Braeburn Country Club team in their second encounter at Braeburn.

Two weeks ago the Braeburn blademen, including two former Harvard captains, Freshman Coach Clark Hodder, and Bob Waldinger, showed their superior experience by taking the Varsity 7-5. The Harvard team, however, has improved since then.

Though Captain Freddy Moseley will be out of the lineup tonight with a charley horse, Coach Stubbs plans to take him to Montreal for the tangle with the powerful McGill team on Saturday night. The 15 men who played in the last Dartmouth game, changed only by the substitution of Ben Hallowell for Leo Ecker, will make the trip.

Tonight's game should be an indication of the performance that can be expected from the third line of Hovenanian, Dewey, and Hallowell, who though they didn't show up too well against Yale, have been getting in some good licks of practice this week. They meet a crucial test on Saturday.

The defensemen, who are also in for the acid test against McGill on Saturday night, should show whatever faults they have tonight. On the whole, they have been improving considerably during the season, and the time may come when Harvard will win its games without the necessity of piling up high scores.