47-33 Defeat Rates as Best Crimson Performance of Season; Two Lions Account for 31 Points

Showing more scoring power than at any previous time during the season, the Varsity Basketball team fought stubbornly to go down to a 47-33 defeat at the hands of the Columbia University Quintet in New York last night. The powerful Lions strengthened their hold on first place in the Eastern Intercollegiate League by their fourth straight victory in League competition.

The Crimson were entirely unable to cope with the flashy attack staged by Captain Bill Nash and Cliff Wolff of their opponents. It was in the early stages of the game that these two rolled up most of their combined 31 points. At the half-way mark Columbia enjoyed a comfortable 21-12 margin.

During the second half, however, George Lowman led a strong comeback for the visitors. Finishing strong, he netted four field goals and two foul shots to bring his total to ten. Vernon Struck at right guard, was second high scorer for the Crimson with three baskets to his credit. The summary: COLUMBIA  HARVARD Robinson, r.f.  l.f. Lowman, White Wolff, l.f.  r.f., McGowan, Kuhn Casey, c.  c. Gray O'Brien, r.g.  l.g., Dampeer Nash, G'z'mler, l.g.  r.g., Struck

Score-Columbia 47, Harvard 33.

Goals--Wolff 7, Nash 6, Lowman 4, Crowley 4, Struck 3, White 2, Gray 2, Casey 2, McGowan. Fouls--Dampeer 4, McGowan 3, Nash 3, G'z'mler 3, Lowman 2, Wolff 2, Obrien 1.