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The alarmists who looked for the first sproutings of the tree of fascism in such typical bits of Americana as the teachers' oath bill or the rantings of the Liberty Leaguers will be amazed to know that the revolution has occurred. No barricades have been flung up across Beacon Street, nor have Laski's books been burned on Soldiers Field, but the yoke has been placed upon our necks nevertheless. And, bearing out the theory that the dictator comes from the most unexpected place, the heel that has stamped out our cherished liberties is none other than that of the Student Council!

Clearer than any handwriting on the wall is the ballot in the Senior class election. At the bottom of that document the glove is flung down to the unwary voter: "DO YOU APPROVE OF THE CLASS CONSTITUTION?" Following this challenge there is a small box in which one's assent is to be given. Assent, indeed, but what of the man who does not approve? Either the Student Council believes such subversiveness impossible in a Harvard student, or else feels secure enough in the saddle so as to brook no opposition.

Such smug security would make either Hitler or Mussolini smack his lips in envy. Even in a German plebiscite the man on the street is given the opportunity of expressing his disapproval of the regime. The votes may not be counted, but his love of political power is catered to none the less. No such indulgence for the Harvard voter, of whom docility is expected by the marching men of the Student Council.

It is as gratifying as it is surprising that "it has happened here" with such little excitement and practically no violence. Governor Talmadge has not ridden down Pennsylvania Avenue on a white horse, thus upsetting all the best plans, but fascism has come before you could say Sinclair Lewis. The whiteshirts have done their work well.

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