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Although the Supreme Court did not give out its awaited decision on the T. V. A. Monday, it is reported from reliable sources that the opinion is being written either by Justice Sutherland, arch-conservative member of the court, or by Justice Brandeis, the noted liberal....NEWS ITEM


The man of property or man of the people?

Franklin Roosevelt or the Chrysler steeple?

Mayor LaGuardia or Mister Teagle?

The Liberty League or the late Blue Eagle?

Capitol Hill or the gilded towers?

Mussolini or separate powers?

Rexford Tugwell or Randolph Hearst?

America last or America first?

Holding companies or T. V. A.?

A poor old age or age for play?

Edna Ferber or Clifford Odets?

Glorious peace or vain regrets?

Felix Frankfurter or Cltarles Gates Dawes?

A government of men or one of laws?

The man with the hoe or the man with the purse?

Long-range planning or something worse?

Regimentation or freedom to choose?

Torquemada or Charles E. Hughes?

Supreme gentlemen, here's the New Deal vision,

Learned judges, make your decision.


The justice of our land must be impartial.

Lest ye be judged, oh, gentlemen, judge not!

Respect the ancient fame of Jay and Marshall;

Forget the crime of Tancy in re Scott.


Behind Venetian blinds, in silver showers;

From glaring walls and noisy men withdraw,

To guard the separation of our powers,

Wrestling with due process of the law!


For power is New Deal and New Deal power.

The Yardstick must be used without remorse.

Utilities must perish in an hour,

To save us from the buggy and the horse.


At Armageddon you were both guard and doorman,

Proving that all that glitters is not gold,

When Baltimore-Ohio beat out Norman,

And sanctity of contract lost its hold!


Last May you made the N. R. A. illegal,

Thrust in your fatal dagger to the hilt.

We saw the death of the ill-starred Blue Eagle,

The Blood that Schechter and a kosher chicken spilt!


We judges are worth our salt, our gilt, our pillars,

If we maintain our courage and our zeal,

Play Santa Claus to Louisiana millers,

Tying the hands of Tugwell and New Deal.


A grateful nation has in marble dressed you,

To play in style your arrogated part

In glory fitting your position lest you

Forget the days of Hammer-Dagenhart.


Though Justice Hughes may fall on Alabama,

To make the boys of Scottsboro clean and free;

It's blotted out behind a greater drama.

What fate have you in store for Tennessee?


Will Sutherland or Brandeis take his pen in

Hand to write the sermon from the mount?

To make us safe for Washington or Lenin,

In the dread conflict of another five-four count?

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