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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Unless you have too many lectures of this type, I wish you would print this one I am writing to let some of the 'big shots' around the University know how the "other half" feels about President Conant's new athletic policy.

Perhaps I did not get the full significance of the whole athletic situation living out here in the 'sticks' as I do, but, from what I can glean from the account of it in the CRIMSON, seven minor sports are going to be dropped in order to save $20,000 a year. There are, of course, other points but I am most interested in this one.

Harvard must be in a pretty bad way when it has to drop seven sports in order to save $20,000. Saving such an amount of money in such a fashion is utterly ridiculous. If I could not find another way out of a deficit excepting by curtailing the athletic program, I would pack my bags and make way for someone who could.

I am not in a position to judge the validity of the figures quoted in the article I read, but, at their best, I still doubt them very much. I do not know where President Conant got his ideas of the relative cost per man in the various groups of minor sports and I can not possibly imagine $25,000 covering the cost of the compulsory Freshman Phy. Ed., however, being president, I presume that he investigates any figures he quotes.

If the H.A.A. really wants to know what is causing their yearly deficit, all they have to do is to examine the books of the crew, and the hockey and baseball teams. Why, each of these sports loses almost $20,000 a year of its own accord. I do not say that these teams should be abolished just because they are losing money, but, if there are going to be any endowment funds created to make up deficits, let the sports having the deficits create them--let the teams, after receiving a certain amount from the H.A.A. take care of the deficits themselves. Do not try to veil the true source of the losses by blaming defenseless bystanders.

In the way of suggestion, I think it would be most advisable to appoint a committee of representative men, those representing every sport and from both "halves of the world," to investigate the deplorable state of affairs that the H.A.A.'s figures are in--it might also be wise to investigate President Conant's figures and from whence they came. Eddy J. Rogers '34

P.S. I think the editorial you published on the new plan was a very good example of "My country right or wrong."

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