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IF YOU'RE GOING TO DRIVE FAST by Ray W. Sherman. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 149 pages, $1.00.

By A. C. B.

"IF YOU'RE GOING TO DRIVE FAST" is an extremely useful handbook of automobile information, giving tips on when and where to drive fast, how to handle your car at high speeds, and what to do when you got in a jam travelling fast. Along with "And Sudden Death" it should be handed out to every applicant for a driving license.

The author makes a point which we have always considered a very valid one-that under some conditions fast driving is safe and sometimes even safer than slow driving. It is not the habitually fast driver, but the habitually reckless and unskilled, driver who causes most accidents. He needs warning and instruction, both of which this little book supplies. You can't legislate fast driving out of the picture, but you can educate reckless driving out.

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