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No Protest Will Be Made but Check-Up of Collegiate Boxing Rules Asked


As a result of the dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Yale boxing match Saturday in a 4-4 tie, it was learned last night that Harvard authorities would take steps to have the matter brought to the attention of the proper authorities in New Haven.

Harvard will not protest the decision, but H.A.A. officials will ask for a checkup on the interpretation placed upon the National Collegiate Athletic Association rules under which the match was presumably fought. Under these rules if the two judges do not agree, the referee shall have a third vote which will then make the voting 2-1 instead of 1-1 and will decide the match. It is alleged that in the Olney bout the judges were unable to agree and the referee, voting for Olney, gave the fight to Harvard. The result was announced for Yale.

Harvard undergraduates who were present brought back the report yesterday that the Eli students booed the decision for five minutes and it is noteworthy that the Yale boxing captain appologized to Olney for the decision after the meet.

In another bout, in which the judges were likewise split, it is said that the referee pronounced the match a draw but that again Yale received credit for a straight win.

Confusion arose in these two instances over the matter of points. According to the N.C.A.A. the computing of points is only to enable the individual judge to make up his mind and the total points for or against a man do not figure in the outcome.

Thus if one judge gave Harvard 25 points and Yale 20 while the other scored the match the same, but the third gave Harvard 20 points and Yale 40, instead of 25, the match would not then read Yale 80, Harvard 70. The decision would still be 2-1 in favor of Harvard

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