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"Conant's no red" admitted Representative Frederick T. McDermott, heckler deluxe of the Oath Bill hearings at the State House in an interview last night. He sees no grounds, however, for a stand against this Bill by any sane, thinking individual.

Proud to Take Oath

"Anyone who has children or students under their care should be forced to take the Oath," asserted the 29-year-old legislator. "When I first became a member of the school committee in Medford six years ago, I was proud to swear to uphold the Constitution.

"Teachers have far more to do with a child's education than school committees, so they have all the more reason to subscribe to the Oath. Do you realize," went on the man who never got beyond high school, "that teachers are the only white collared workers in the state who do not have to take an oath?

Unafraid of "Lurking Communists"

"I do not belong to any of these nationalistic societies. My only affiliations are with my local Grange for purely social reasons. Nor am I of these people who believe Communists lurk behind every bush waiting to destroy the government.

"What I maintain is that if there is one radical teacher in the schools, colleges, or universities of this state, and this Oath Bill does away with him, it is worth more than words can tell!"

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