Three Crimson Men Have Best Average Time in Downhill Races at Pinkham Notch

A Harvard delegation composed of Robert H. Shaw '37, David Emerson '38, and H. Adams Carter '37, won the team trophy at the downhill races of the Appalachian Mountain Club at Pinkham Notch yesterday.

Although the best individual showing was made by Samuel Wakeman of the Hochgebirge Club, the average times for the one and one-half mile run made by the three Harvard contestants were good enough to take the prize.

On the afternoon run, with much of the morning's ice changed to corn snow, the members of the Crimson team came in within two seconds of one another, a very unusual occurrence. Emerson was first with a time of 3 minutes, 5 seconds fiat, Shaw arrived in second place with 3 minutes, 5.2 seconds, and Carter was third, getting home in 3 minutes, 7 seconds.

Although Emerson was victorious in the afternoon run over his teammates, Shaw's high average for both morning and afternoon placed him at the top of the Harvard entries for the day.

Among the teams competing in the races were Dartmouth, the Ski Club Hochgebirge, the Schussverein, the Newport Ski Club, the Nansen Ski Club, and others.