German Students Born in 1914, 1915, or 1916 Must Report for Military Duty

Consul Tippleskirch Defends Nazi Order to Conscript German Youth

Any German citizens born in 1914, 1915, or 1916 who are members of Harvard University must report at the German Consulate for compulsory military service, Baron Kurt Von Tippleskirch, German Consul General in Boston, told the CRIMSON yesterday.

Although it was impossible to find out last night how many students would be affected by the Nazi edict, it is believed that Ernst Teves '36, who has just returned to Germany, will be among those drafted.

Hits Allies' Attitude

Discussing the "call to colors" which has caused such comment, the Baron said,

"By a news item telegraphed all over this country on Associated Press wires, public opinion has been led to believe that all the Germans living in the United States have to register at the Consulates and to return at once to Germany." The consul maintained that this is not the case.


Categories Eligible

"German boys born in the years of 1914, 1915, and 1916 were recently called for active military service. Those living in foreign countries and who have not lost their German citizenship by acquiring a foreign nationality are naturally included.

"Young German citizens born in the three years mentioned and living in the New England States, with the exception of Connecticut, have, therefore, been asked to register here in Boston. We are authorized to grant exceptions if the personal situation of the applicants makes it desirable, and those who are physically fit and ready to go will not join until October 1, 1936.