French Fare to Be Presented

High comedy will regin at Leverett on Monday, April 13, when the fifteenth- century French farce, "Monsieur Patelin," will be presented in English. This play, probably the most popular of its type, has had a long and distinguished stage history. In 1904 the Comedie Francaise presented a highly successful performance of "Patelin" to an enthusiastic audience, and 1913 saw the show put on by the Harvard "47 Workshops."

Rehearsals are in full swing under the direction of Ernest J. Simmons, instructor in English, and parts have been assigned as follows: Pierre Patelin, Edwin K. Packard '37; Guillemette, Chester G. Ormond '38; the draper, Robert G. Wolfe '38; the judge, Morris Earle '38; the shephered, Roger F. Duncan '38.

The stage committee, headed by Louis L. Sutro '38, is composed of Richard W. Ittleson '37, David H. Kimball '38, R. Branston Williams, Commonwealth Fellow from Oxford; Milton C. Devolites '38, Ralph I. Smith '38, William M. Judd '38, David M. McAllister '38, and Robert P. Sorlien '38.

Robert Frost Guest of Honor

Yesterday evening Robert Frost '99 was the guest of honor at the Leverett House monthly House Dinner. Afterwards he read from his own works and led an informal discussion in the Junior Common Room.


House Dance a Success

Phil Claff, wandering accordion player, contributed greatly to the success of the Leverett dance last Friday evening, while the music of Craig Hunting's orchestra and the Rabbit Motif in decorating both received their share of acclaim.