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The Vagabond


24th. Comes--to the Tower very betimes to wake me, and I not too glad to see him for he has wagered me a fine little sum that he can rise, run a mile and get me up before 7 for 33 consecutive mornings.

He being a lazy southerner I do not think he can do it; but yet I do not know--but will make sure. Thence I to dress in my Spring suit and, Onderdonk--being the first woman philosopher ever I have seen--speak on Descartes, But the young girls, thirty-five I did count--stared at me so I did not catch all that was said; but know there was some talk on the syllogism and much about Descartes saying it did not increase knowledge:

All women are mortal

Hypatia was a woman

Therefore, Hypatia was mortal.

Now it is true, I hear, that our knowledge is not increased by such deductions for I must already know that Hypatia is a mortal woman before I can intuit the first proposition: "All women are mortal." But, ye faithless ones, must mere logic displace the happy truth that all genius lives forever in the sentiments and ideas it inspires? And was not Hypatia a genius? Was she not beautiful? And modest? And intelligent? And was she not done to death in oyster shells? Holy fishes, is this not enough for immortality? Bless my soul, I should like to teach those girls a happy thing or two!

Thence, I to thank Miss Onderdonk for letting me visit but did not tell her my thoughts nor did I give her the orange I brought for it seems she be so matter of fact and so clear-headed I was scaird. Yet, 'twas a pity for I thought a woman philosopher would be also a poet; and then again the orange was very good.

Whereupon, all the afternoon I to tandem in the country; and I did hear a robin and see a crocus and a beautiful day it was. By and by out of the clear sky--tells me Wellesley College girls are giving up their desserts and the price thereof to be given to flood relief. So we to get a chocolate and thence took to talking about the "Veterans of Future Wars"; and that they one day will spill blood on foreign soil and be the fathers of many children; and I still think this is mighty fine arguing for the Oath Bill; and a fine organization it is.

By and by I back to the Tower and note that the Boylston Contest is on Wednesday night at Paine Hall. This is a mighty fine thing and know I shall go. Soon to walk along the River and soon, my hind parts very sore, to bed.

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