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Repeal of the Teacher's Oath Law seems temporarily doomed, for the poll of the committee in charge indicates a pigeon-holing is in the offing. Apparently it took relatively few hours for the majority of the committee (so far polled) to come to the conclusion that the weighty arguments of such men as Drs. Conant and Parks were worth nothing compared to what may be called, if politeness is to be stretched to its farthest limit, the illogic and misinformation of organizations like the American Legion and D. A. R. Why? Because these men are mere individuals, have single votes. It takes relatively little temerity to fling names, and manhandle individuals. But a representative of a "patriotic" organization is listened to with attention, his person is, of course, inviolable.

Such reasoning is transparent, but it is not correct. Prominent educators and others do not mean merely individual votes. They represent a powerful and highly indignant block of votes. Even if the repeal bill is guillotined soon, the fight is not another lost cause. Proponents of repeal will talk language that politicians understand-about votes.

Before next fall legislators' records will be gone over with a fine tooth comb, their stand on the stump will be carefully questioned and clucidated. The autumn elections will have a real story to tell. Legislative berths are regarded as warm and comfortable ones by other people besides the present occupants, and applicants with sane ideas about education are going to win great support.

Since Roman days the populace has shown a tendency to get tired of circuses and demand something more substantial. Most of the committee members have shown that they cannot understand the issues, but at least they can estimate the forces more carefully. So, before the remaining members commit themselves, let them consider the possibility of having successors in office.

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