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The Moviegoer

"The Country Doctor" Makes No Pretense and is Charming; "Widow From Monte Carlo" Isn't


Although thrillers are meat for the movies, their popularity has suffered of late because so many of them have been second rate fillers. But "The Cat and the Canary" currently on view at the University should help out the cause of the thrillers considerably. It is fast moving and capably directed with horror and humor mixed in about equal portions. The plot is not overwhelmingly original, but the end is good; it is all about the trials and tribulations of a young lady (Paulette Goddard) who becomes the heiress to the estate of an eccentric relation and the number one candidate for extinction at the same time. There are murderers and monsters and cats and an interesting collection of relatives, who have journeyed to the ghostly mansion only to discover that they are not the ones designated in the will. Bob Hope succeeds excellently in combining the role of hero and funny man. It does not take much to put over a movie like this, but "The Cat and the Canary" has got what it takes.

"Winter Carnival concerns Ann Sheridan and Dartmouth College. As might be feared, the result is discouraging, despite Ann Sheridan.

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